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Tips For Designing Condiment Packaging

If you are the producer of a condiment, there is a good chance that you know the odds that you are up against. Condiments are relatively cheap, so you can't push prices too high without being outpriced by your competitors, but you can't push them low enough to make a meaningful difference in your profit margins. As a result, you will have to beat your competitors on taste and appeal. Here are some tips for beating your competitors on the appeal factor by optimizing your condiment package design.

1. Be Sure Your Product's Packaging is as Functional as Possible

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that your product's packaging is functional. Glass ketchup bottles look cool, but they either give you no ketchup when you're pouring them or all of the ketchup in a huge blob on your hamburger. Neither of these situations is optimal and neither functionally make your product appealing. Design your packaging so that the condiment is easy to apply to the usual foods in a controlled way. If your condiment is used to create patterns, make sure that you offer this level of control. If your condiment is vinegar, which is not used to create patterns, be sure that you design your package so that the user can control exactly how much vinegar he or she puts on his or her french fries.

2. Make Your Packaging Stand Out From Competitors

The next thing that you need to do is check out the packaging of your competitors. If they feature cluttered packaging with lots of pictures and words, go the opposite route and opt for a minimalist design. If they have a minimal design, put pictures of your users on the packaging or other fun novelties to make your product stand out.

3. Make Sure That the Color of Your Packaging is the Color of Your Product

If you are not using clear packaging for your condiment, be sure that the color of the packaging matches the color of your product. People tend to not like the idea of pink mustard or green ketchup. By making it match, or at least be within a similar color range, you will increase your packaging's chances of success.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in package design. They will be able to help you with market research to analyze what types of designs will be best. To learn more about design tips, visit a website like